I offer a full range of Canadian contest law services for companies, agencies and individuals.

Operating contests in Canada typically includes the preparation of short rules (mandatory upfront statutory disclosure), long rules (full terms and conditions governing the promotion), winner releases, a skill-testing question and a review of draft creative for advertising law compliance before launch.

My contest law services include: advice in relation to the application of the Competition Act and Criminal Code to promotional contests; CASL (anti-spam law) where electronic marketing will be used; drafting short and long contest rules and statutory disclosure; reviewing promotional contest marketing and advertising materials; preparing winner release documentation; compliance with the misleading advertising provisions of the Competition Act; and compliance with social media sites’ terms of use.


In addition to my contest law services I offer Canadian contest forms for the operation of random draw and skill contests in Canada excluding Quebec.

For more information, see Canadian Contest Forms.


Complying with Canadian advertising laws is increasingly challenging for companies and individuals.  Advertising in Canada is highly regulated and hurdles include increased enforcement, new legislation (e.g., Canada’s anti-spam law – CASL) and new technology and social media sites’ terms of use.

I help clients practically navigate Canada’s advertising and marketing laws and offer Canadian advertising law services in relation to print, online, new media, social media and e-mail marketing.

My services include advice in relation to: anti-spam law (CASL); Competition Bureau investigations and complaints; the general misleading advertising provisions of the Competition Act; compliance programs and policies; Internet, new media and social media advertising and marketing; provincial consumer protection legislation; seeking Competition Bureau written opinions; promotional contests; and sales and promotions.


I offer companies, associations and other organizations efficient and strategic competition law advice in relation to the civil and criminal sections of the Competition Act, advertising and marketing, associations, compliance, competitor collaborations, investigations, pricing and distribution matters and refusals to deal and supply terminations, among other things.

For more information, see Competition Law Services.


Some of my recent competition and advertising law work includes:

Association competition law compliance, including in-person and online compliance programs for some of Canada’s largest associations; competition compliance for a major global construction products company; competition law compliance programs for small and large companies; advertising and marketing law advice (including for several of the world’s largest consumer products companies, local Canadian governments and several international governments); submissions to the Competition Bureau; filing Competition Bureau complaints; competition and advertising law related memoranda, applications for Competition Bureau advisory opinions; Canadian price-fixing cases; immunity applications to the Competition Bureau; contest law advice including for several local and international governments; competition law seminars and presentations for industry groups; drafting contest rules/forms; and assisting litigation counsel with competition law theory and strategies.


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